The Josh and Friends Project

The Josh and Friends Project transforms anxious hospital stays into friendship-filled adventures to wellness.

About the Program

Around the world, cuddly canines known as “therapy dogs” visit hospitals helping to replace a patient’s anxiety and fear with wet kisses and unconditional love. Josh, the loving, wag-happy vanilla-colored Golden Retriever based out of Knoxville, Tennessee is one of those amazing canines that daily brings comfort to hundreds of hospitalized children.

AASrV is an active supporter of the Josh and Friends Project, donating to the organization to provide I’ll be O.K. gift sets to children in the hospital. To make a donation in support this cause, email


Comforting children one visit at a time

Josh and Friends was formed to alleviate stress and provide comfort to children going into the hospital.

Every hour, every day, a child enters the hospital. They are scared. They are worried and they are thrust into an often cold environment far from the comforts of home. That’s why nothing compares to seeing the wide, grateful eyes of a child receiving their very own Josh puppy and I’ll be O.K. book when they enter the hospital. The first-hand experience is unforgettable.


I’ll Be O.K. Gift Set

Josh becomes the child’s best friend—one who never leaves the child alone.

The plush Josh puppy, which accompanies the book, is probably the most important part of the project for the child going into the hospital. At the end of the book, Josh explains how well he did during his “adventure in getting well” and, at the same time, lets the child know he will be with them when they go through their own “adventure in getting well.”

So when Mom or Dad, or whoever, finishes reading the book, they explain that the plush Josh puppy gets to accompany the child to the hospital and stay with the child while in the hospital.


The GI Josh Project

As an extension of that mission, The Josh and Friends Project is emerging to national attention with the ability to impact the lives of even more children. With two separate programs, the medical Josh program benefits children going into the hospital while the GI Josh program benefits children of our deployed military families. Both encourage and provide comfort to children during very difficult and trying times of their lives.



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