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The Josh and Friends Project

Thanks to funds donated by AASrV, 21 kits were handed out by Dover High School Air Force ROTC to children of deploying service men recently.

The AASrV is a proud sponsor of the Josh and Friends Project, a therapy dog that visits children’s hospitals and families of deployed soldiers. We invite you to become a contributor to the Josh and Friends Project by purchasing Josh Kits through the AASrV.

AASrV supports the Josh and Friends Project by working together with its friends and partners to donate “I’ll Be O.K.” gift sets to children in need of support during their hospital stay or to children of deploying service man.

The GI Josh Project chronicles the journey Josh and Smudge make with young Cassie, whose daddy is sent abroad during our nation’s military operations in the Middle East. Josh and Smudge befriend Cassie, who is lonely and heartbroken over her daddy’s departure. Together they find coping tools which help Cassie during this trying and difficult time. Even though Cassie is still lonely, the love and comfort Josh and Smudge bring to her family helps them soldier through this difficult time together until her daddy’s triumphal return from his deployment.


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